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On the 17th and 18th of February 2024 the 49th Van Oord WinterWedstrijden Regatta will take place on the river Schie between Rotterdam and Delft, The Netherlands. This is the first regatta of the national rowing season and we would be very happy to receive participating teams from all over the world. Entries for international crews will be open from the 29th of January until the 12th February 2024.

To participate, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • The full name of your rowing club
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Contact name
  • Contact mail address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Small description of blade, shirt and trousers


We do not have special deals with hostels or hotels, but if you would like to receive any recommendations regarding accommodation, please contact [email protected].

Registration Fees

  • €137,- for an 8+.
  • €98,- for a 4x and 4+.
  • €64,- for a 2x and 2-.
  • €36,- for a 1x.

Boat Rental

If possible, we kindly ask you to bring your own boat and oars. Often boat transport can be combined with other participating crews. Crews who are not able to bring their own boat and oars can contact [email protected] for more information about the possibilities and rental fees. Note that there are a limited number of rental boats available.

Please note we do not arrange a cox or cox box. You have to sign a “declaration of own risk” before using the boat.

Registration boat trailers

If you bring your own boat, you need to register your boat trailer.

Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Arrival time and date
  • Name of the Boat trailer
  • (if possible) name of driver and phone number
  • How many boats, including types per trailer

Payment instruction

Instructions will be sent to you by email after filing your entry. Your registration is only final after we receive payment of the registration (and rental) fees.

Information during the regatta

Information will be shared via the homepage of the website. We also provide information via a whatsapp service.
How it works:

  1. Add +31 6 23386493 to your contacts
  2. Send us a Whatsapp message saying if you want dutch or english information
  3. You will get a message when there is an important update concerning the regatta, for example changes, weather codes and progress during and the days before the weekend.

Time Schedule

Saturday February 17th 2024

Shift Time Fields
Shift 1 10:00 - 12:00 LM 1x, W 2x
Shift 2 13:00 - 15:00 M 1x, W 2-

Sunday February 18th 2024

Shift Time Fields
Shift 4 10:00 - 12:00 LW 1x, LM 2x, W 4+
Shift 5 13:00 - 15:00 W 1x, M 2-, M 2x
Shift 6 16:00 - 18:00 M 4+, W 4*, M 8+, W 8+

Coxswains and steering bows

Race instructions

The following presentation will give you information on the rules that apply during the Van Oord Winterwedstrijden regatta. After watching the video, each Coxswain must take a test. The test can be found under the following link: Coxswains Instructions test.

  • The instruction will emphasise some of the important aspects that you will encounter during the race.
  • The overtaking Instructions will emphasise several situations on how to pass each other obeying the rules.

Coxswain weighing

  • For the rules on the weight of the coxswains, we refer to the Dutch Rules of Racing, Article 7, sub3. (only in Dutch)
  • Coxswain weighing will take place at "Proteus-Eretes" (Rotterdamseweg 362a, Delft). Like the rowers, also the coxswains weighing will take place between 2 and 1 hours before the start of their own devision.
  • No weighing of coxswains for master, mixed, corporate and junior events.
  • Coxswains must be weighed wearing their racing uniform.
  • Coxswains must provide their own deadweight if needed.

Coxswain age

Attention: The Dutch Rules of Rowing state that the minimum age of the coxswain needs to be 12 years.

Race course

Weather Codes

The Van Oord WinterWedstrijden regatta uses weather codes. As from Wednesday before the race weekend, 20.00h, the up to date weather codes will be presented at the home page.

There are three weather codes: Green, Yellow and Red. These codes indicate the situation for the first following time slot.

The weather codes will be communicated on the homepage.

The decision if a time slot will be cancelled or continued will be made at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the first start of each time slot. From that moment the colour green or red will be featured. This means the decision will be made at:

  • Time slot 1: Saturday, 08:30
  • Time slot 2: Saturday, 11:30
  • Time slot 3: Saturday, 14:15
  • Time slot 4: Sunday, 08:30
  • Time slot 5: Sunday, 11:30
  • Time slot 6: Sunday, 14:15

Explanation weather codes

Green: The weather is not indicating any reason to change anything in the schedule.

Yellow: Pay attention, the weather may result in postponing or cancelling the next time slot. Please keep an eye on the website.

Red: The weather is not allowing us to continue with the competition without compromising the safety of rowers and staff. The next time slot is cancelled until further orders. Please keep an eye on the website for further information.

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